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Auriculotherapy in Santiago I Providencia Auriculotherapy In each Auriculotherapy Pack you get important discounts, the bigger the pack, the bigger the discount. The price of the pack must be paid at the beginning of the treatment, either online or in the office. (In cash) In the Auriculotherapy Controls, the vaccaria seeds are reinstalled. It should always be complemented with a balanced nutritional regimen according to your nutritional requirements and personal goals. Auriculotherapy treats the affected place directly through the point of connection with the ear, it is used to treat various diseases and ailments, it is used for objectives such as: lose weight, remove toothache, lower level of nervousness or anxiety A control will be scheduled every 21 days, where the Auriculotherapy process will be carried out again. Payment methods are in cash or through bank transfer at the time the nutritional consultation begins. If you have an Isapre with a free choice plan, you can reimburse your nutritional consultation with the following ISAPRES: Cruz Blanca, Banmédica, Vida Tres and Colmena. our

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La Auriculoterapia se trata directamente el lugar afectado a través del punto de conexión con la oreja, sirve para tratamiento de diversas enfermedades y dolencias, se utiliza para objetivos como por ejemplo: bajar de peso, quitar dolor de muelas, bajar nivel de nerviosismo o ansiedad Se agendará un control cada 21 días, en donde se realizara nuevamente el proceso de Auriculoterapia Los métodos de pago son en efectivo o a través de transferencia bancaria al momento de comenzar la consulta nutricional. Si tienes Isapre con plan libre elección, puedes reembolsar tu consulta nutricional con las siguientes ISAPRES: Cruz blanca, Banmédica, Vida Tres y Colmena.
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