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Nutritional Consultation + Auriculotherapy (First Visit) For new patients we have the following promotion, so that they know our services. (Nutritional Consultation + Auriculotherapy) The first visit for only $15,000 How we do it We are a team of nutritionists who are focused on changing people's eating habits, NOT on creating diets that last for a short time and are often difficult to follow. During each consultation we will measure the percentage of fat, muscle and visceral fat, we will calculate your requirements and we will work on a guideline focused on your nutritional needs and tastes. New Patient | On the 1st visit to our nutritionists, the Nutritional Consultation + Auriculotherapy will be carried out. For the following visits you can buy our NUTRITIONAL Packs, you get important discounts, the bigger the pack, the bigger the discount. The price of the pack must be paid at the beginning of the treatment, either online or in the office. (In cash) In the Nutritional Controls we see the progress of the patient, the advances and the results obtained. A complete check of all nutritional indicators is carried out. In each nutritional control, the feeding pattern is reviewed with the patient. A control will be scheduled every 21 days, where your nutritional information will be updated, your dietary changes, body composition are analyzed, the previous guideline is reviewed and the changes to follow are analyzed according to your new nutritional needs. Payments and reimbursements Payment methods are in cash or through bank transfer at the time of beginning the nutritional consultation. If you have an Isapre with a free choice plan, you can reimburse your nutritional consultation with the following ISAPRES: Cruz Blanca, Banmédica, Vida Tres and Colmena.

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En los Controles Nutricionales vemos el progreso del paciente, los avances y los resultados obtenidos. Se realiza un chequeo completo de todos los indicadores nutricionales. En cada control nutricional se revisa la pauta de alimentacion, con el paciente. Se agendará un control cada 21 días, en donde se actualizará su información nutricional, se analizan sus cambios alimentarios, composición corporal, se revisa la anterior pauta y analizan los cambios a seguir acorde a sus nuevas necesidades nutricionales. Pagos y reembolsos Los métodos de pago son en efectivo o a través de transferencia bancaria al momento de comenzar la consulta nutricional. Si tienes Isapre con plan libre elección, puedes reembolsar tu consulta nutricional con las siguientes ISAPRES: Cruz blanca, Banmédica, Vida Tres y Colmena.
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